A family company

Drenthe Growers BV is the company of the de Vries family. In 2019 cucumbers are being cultivated on12,5 hectares: High-wire lighting on 5,6 hectares and traditional umbrella style on 6,9 hectares. Harvest takes place from January to the beginning of November.

Drenthe Growers BV delivers its cucumbers to 4 different trading firms through Van Nature producers organisation. These firms then sell the cucumbers to traders and supermarkets home and abroad.

Why Cucumber? Drenthe Growers BV is specialised in the cultivation of cucumbers but is also very well able to cope with the frenzy and logistic problems which cucumber cultivation brings. A cucumber grows fast and cultivation is highly labour-intensive. This presents us with many challenges which we are happy to take on with our team!

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